Deep Sea Motion: Watch A Timelapse Of A Coral Reef Made From 150,000 Photographs

Zach Sokol in The Creators Project:

We’ve been on a pretty big timelapse kick this week, spotlighting an amazing nature video filled with stunning lightning bugs. There’s one more we can’t help but shouting out, though, due to its general awesomeness. PhD student Daniel Stoupin made an incredible macro video called Slow Life that’s filled with deep sea glory—coral reefs, sponges, the works.

To make this awe-striking timelapse, Stoupin took over 150,000 photographs which he edited down to this final watery gem. This work gives us appreciated flashbacks to the Natural History Redux, the oceanic odyssey we premiered earlier this month.

Watch Stoupin’s gorgeous video above, and see some stills from the timelapse below.



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